Ella Hall for President



America, Hope is alive! Take your eyes off the storm clouds, and focus them on the One who can calm any type storm of life!

Evil Men are not in control, God is. Read the story about Pharoah [an evil man], who questioned God’s authority/deity over him, as he continued to disobey God’s order to “Let My People Go” , which was delivered by Moses on 10 different occasions.

In times of national tribulation, God will chose a Moses, a David, a Joseph or an Esther, His servants, and willing Vessels, to do His will. And a Greater than Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, or any other dictator, is here, in the Person of God’s Holy Spirit, living and dwelling in His servant, for such a time as this.

Look up America, and be encouraged. God has heard your cries, and seen your tears, and He Is more than able to secure the victory over your oppressors. This battle belongs to the Lord.