Here I will give a brief overview of priority issues that will be addressed in my first 100 days in office via executive orders, and or signed bills. All executive orders will eventually become signed bills. Executive Orders will be used to jump start the process, as we don’t have anymore time to waste. Even though these issues are numbered, they all have a #1 Priority status.




Lower corporate tax to 2% across the board for “every business” in the US, except Russian backed businesses that were established 4 years before, during and after the 2016 presidential campaign. From lemonade stands to large conglomerates. This will free up money for mandatory hiring of teenagers 16-19, all high school and college graduates, all veterans, all individuals coming off of welfare, all homeless persons, all former nonviolent persons who were previously incarcerated, all individuals looking for employment, etc. All violent inmates will work within the prison system or with an employer that has high security safeguards in place while these individuals go through, and complete the “Jesus or Jail” program. “All employers” must “create” positions for these individuals. That includes federal, state, local, and private employers. The goal for year 1 is to have no less than 80 million additional persons enter the workforce. This will be the modern day “New Deal” on steroids. I want no less than 500 additional workers on each of the over 60,000 infrastructure jobs in the US, to include the electrical grid, and everything that the flooding, tornadoes, fires, sinkholes, and hurricanes have damaged. A new architectural design will be used to build levees, and dams so that they will be able to withstand at least 12 times the pressure that has been placed on them before.


Forever Freeze the current minimum wage of “all employers” with the exception of the Russian backed businesses as described above. No employer will pay a cent more for minimum wages, but the federal government will subsidize their frozen minimum wage with an amount that will cause each employee to receive $29/hour. For Example, if the employer’s current minimum wage is $8, the federal government will subsidize that with $21 to make the $29/hr. This will be done because of the long overdue need for a rise in the minus wages/minimum wage; the need to keep up with the cost of living; the need for equal pay across the board, and because the federal government subsidized private insurance companies with Obamacare, now it is the employer’s turn to get subsidized. This administration will be fair to all, and play favorites to NONE!

The employee wins with extra income to take care of the cost of living adequately with some left over to finally begin to save; families with children graduating can now rest a little easier as their children can now afford their on living, and other expenses via the $29/hour rate. And with corporate taxes being lowered to .02 percent to mandate/encourage hiring of high school/ college graduates /welfare recipients, this will help ease the financial burdens of these families. Poverty can literally be wiped out of the country on a grand scale. Welfare recipients will no longer need welfare because of the $29 per hour wage, then only those who are truly incapable of working will receive welfare. After 3 months of gainful employment, welfare recipients will matriculate from the list. In this way, the welfare burden will now be less on the already strained federal budget. It is my goal to have employment so plentiful that should some lose a job for whatever reason, they will regain employment within a 72 hour period. The goal is to have 8 jobs available at all times per each individual via businesses creating jobs for people with the 2% corporate tax. Every business will be mandated to “create” job positions.

Every employer in the country who opts for the .02 percent corporate tax reduction will be mandated to hire from 7-12 persons into intern, and apprentice positions or create as many non-skilled positions as possible to employ all who come seeking work (this takes into account all who were on welfare, graduating students, non- violent former inmates, etc. Other work details will be created for riskier former inmates. According to one report, there are over 80 million individuals who have never entered the work force, hopefully the $29/hour wage would be a strong incentive, along with massive media coverage announcing the need for workers on the infrastructures above, and others. Republican candidates are saying “jobs will be lost if the minimum wage is increased! That’s the way it has been”. Not anymore, if I am president. It won’t be business as usual. President Obama favored a $10.10 wage increase for federal workers. Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders cited $15/hour. $15/hour is not adequate to make a real difference in the financial lives of American workers based on the high cost of living. There was a time when $100 went a good distance, but not now, and people still need to live. Business as usual is not an option, the ‘real’ people have suffered far too long. The constitution guarantees right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and this minimum wage increase of $29/hour does just that. As the cost of living rise, there will be no less than a 2 percent rise in the minimum wage in the future to cover that cost. After this law is passed, current minimum wage, for the purpose of this law, should not be less than $7.50 




Billionaires, millionaires, and Corporate giants who are paying “zero” federal taxes due to loopholes, deductions, exemptions, etc., “will not” have to pay Federal Tax Revenue, but instead put those funds into the following tax deductible programs [initiated by my Administration] to help ease the monetary strain on communities, States, the Federal budget, etc. :

  1. Homes For The Homeless [no matter the cause of the homeless situation]. I want every homeless individual and family to be in adequate/decent humane housing within my 1st year as President if I am so fortunate, and blessed to be. I will also be asking each household in America to contribute $40 once per year until homelessness, and human trafficking , has been eradicated, hopefully this can be accomplished in a 1-3 year time frame. This is not a tax, but a “Love Offering” to help those in need. Give as you feel led to. There is no law or requirement to give this Offering. I will be reporting on the status of these 2 areas with the State Of the Union Address.
  2. Christian based drug salvation program to eradicate the drug addiction epidemic in the US [the Lord is the Expert in this area],
  3. Safe havens for housing human traffic victims,
  4. Safe havens for housing domestic violence victims,
  5. Offsetting college/university tuition debts of many,
  6. Establishing clean water in countries that don’t have clean water, and
  7. Child Care for all working parents nationwide.

Since Congress is not a good steward of tax revenues they are already receiving, and not performing responsibly with taxpayers dollars as evident by, i.e. trillions of dollars of national debt, unbalanced Federal Budget, ever increasing debt ceiling/ fiscal cliff issues, and closing down the Federal government, etc., I see no sense or wisdom in giving them more money to throw away when it can be put to better use as listed above. Let’s be fair to all, including the super rich, remember Congress wrote the laws that enabled them to amass this wealth.





Regarding Obamacare, I would, via executive order, followed by a signed bill of law, make null and void any mandate that forces Americans [with penalty of fines, tax, jail, etc.] to pay for insurance products, be they individuals, corporations, etc. This includes every Mandate in Obamacare to include HHS, Employer, Individual, Abortion-on-Demand, Abortion Premium, Children automatic enrollment in HHS, etc. I would also send a proposal to Congress to make this a permanent, mandated forever law that no American citizen will ever be forced to buy any product, insurance or otherwise, [via threats of fines, taxes, jail, etc.]. I will keep the aspect of Obamacare that covers preexisting conditions.

Regarding Medicare: Medicare will be renamed Medicare Plus, will be improved, and redesigned in the following ways:

Parts A&B will remain the same, plus any additions that will make Medicare Plus second to no other Private insurance plan.

Part C will remain the same, but have the following addition. Medicare will be for all ages, and this insurance will be second to no private insurance product on the market. Medicare Plus will now do what Obamacare sought to do minus burdensome, and unconstitutional mandates. People of all ages will receive all benefits of Parts A&B, as well as any additional coverage by Private Plans. Employers are free to carry whatever private plan they choose, but will only take out $5 from each employee’s check per payroll period for the Medicare Plus insurance coverage. This $5 fee will cover a family. Employees will now be covered by private and Medicare insurance. All Americans on fixed income will have $10 automatically deducted from their source of income on a monthly basis. Employers who do not carry private insurance for employees will deduct $25 per pay period. Copay for all will be $10 for general practitioner, and $15 for specialist. There will be no deductibles. There will be no limit as to where, and how a person may receive care. Patients will not need to be referred to specialist to be seen; they can go to a specialist on their own accord. Enrollment will be open at all times. HMOs and PPO will not need to limit where or to whom or how a person may receive care. All Americans will be covered to include dental, eye care, hearing aids, prosthesis, etc. Medicare Plus Insurance will be second to no other product on the market. Preexisting conditions will be covered, and that includes terminal illnesses. No one will be left out.

How this Plan will be funded:

In addition to the $5 mentioned above, all funds previously used for Medicaid will go here. In addition, and because their products continue to cause much of the illnesses Americans experience, a set percentage of the gross income of pharmaceutical, alcohol, and tobacco/Marijauna companies on an annual basis will be applied. Additionally, the Treasury Department will be mandated to put $40 billion dollars annually to this fund. All monies previously taken out of payroll for Medicare, at the established rate, will remain the same. The $5 mentioned above will be an addition. With the increase in employment due to the proposed $29/hr. minimum wage, Medicare funds will increase dramatically. America needs a Congress that will be a good steward over this fund. With this proposed minimum wage, there will be no poverty in America, and therefore no need for Medicaid or Welfare [ except for partial/total disability cases where the individual cannot work adequate enough hours to sustain themselves], as all who were on welfare will now be working at the rate of $29/hr., and can afford the Medicare Plus plan which is far cheaper than ObamaCare will ever be. Coupled with the use of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell therapy, the cost of healthcare can be managed much better, and a drop in annual cost of healthcare should be noted within 1-2 years of implementation of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells.

Private, and supplemental insurance plans will cover whatever percentage of cost Medicare Plus does not. Medicare Plus’s percentage of cost will be adjusted based upon the private/supplemental insurance with the lowest percentage coverage, i.e. if the lowest coverage is 20%, Medicare Plus will cover the 80%. This is intended to prevent the patient from having to pay anymore out of pocket coverage beyond the premiums.

Medicare Part D will be updated to cover 98 percent of prescription drugs.

Medicare Part E  Will cover 99 percent Cord Blood Stem Cell Treatment which will be mandated as regular and routine healthcare measures. Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant/Treatment will not cost more than $600.00 per round.

Medicare Plus will not pay for any embryonic stem cell treatment or products as there has been reports of tumor formation with embryonic stem cells. In addition, plans are to abolish Roe v. Wade during this administration. Embryonic stem cells will be obsolete, and illegal.

 All healthcare providers will receive 100 percent funding within 10 days of claim being submitted, and received. It is highly recommended that such claims be sent via the fastest means possible.

Medicare funds are payroll deductible, and should not be viewed as a governmental social program as Medicaid. Any mismanagement of Medicare by government officials using these funds to cover cost of other budget items is not acceptable, and a mandate WILL be made, and implemented to prevent other use of these funds. Medicare funds WILL never be included or considered in the budget; this WILL be a separate account. It WILL be mandated that Medicare WILL never be privatized. The overall “total amount” of “payroll deductible Medicare funds will not exceed .053% of the gross wage per pay period.”

A proposal will be sent to Congress requesting that all monies taken from Medicare for whatever reason[s] be replaced within the fiscal year. Bottom line, Medicare spending will not be cut for any reason, and especially not to cover up Congress’s mismanagement, and or incompetence. 

Congress WILL stop robing Medicare, and Social Security.  Included in this proposal, then signed Law, will be fines and or jail term for those who authorize the taking of funds from these 2 accounts, in addition, the IRS WILL be notified, and the personal bank account of any Congressman/woman who authorizes such, will be penalized for no less than $100,000.00 per each incident.

A law will be established [and enforced], that any individual, group, entity, etc. that uses fear tactics in lies about the folding of Medicare, the doing away with Social Security, or the taking away of arms from citizens will be met with fines starting at $20 Million dollars, and jail time of no less than 20 years. This law will be grandfathered back to cover a period of 70 years. The Lies have to STOP! Social Security will be solvent, and will increase every 1-2 years as needed to keep up with the cost of living. In order to make up for grounds lost, $700 will be added to each Social Security recipient to help with the rise in cost of living.





I would Depression Proof our nation initially by: [a]. 100 percent securing of all bank accounts in the US. This would be done by establishing an Uncle Sam’s account in the Treasury Department that is totally separate from the budget account. This fund would be the equivalent of 3 times the balance of all banking accounts in the U.S. Absolutely 100 percent of a citizens bank account would remain intact regardless of a Depression. The Uncle Sam’s account would completely immune all bank accounts to the effects of a Depression. No one would lose a cent. The U.S. would immediately gain control and ownership of any and all banks that folded during the Depression. No more bailouts by the government. This account will forever be mandated. [b]. 100 percent of principal used to invest in the stock market would be secure, however, only 75 percent of stock market profit would be guaranteed. It is therefore strongly advised that any stock market profit be deposited quickly in a bank account. This measure is designed to prevent investors from losing money in the stock market, and to place the US economy on stable ground.

In the first 1-2 weeks in office, massive plans will be underway to employ at least 500 persons to each work detail to begin a massive fixing of all U.S. Infrastructures beginning with the 60,000+ bridges and overpasses which are in need of repairs, fix the entire electrical grid with the strongest material known by man which would withstand a nuclear/electromagnetic attack, fix all roads which are in need of repair, and all other infrastructure details. The goal is to employ upwards of 80,000,000 million persons within 1-2 years. We will borrow concepts from the age of the New Deal. Economist and analysts are predicting a Depression in the near future and therefore proactive measures need to be taken now.





I would not raise taxes. I would propose that a bill be placed on fast track which would state that regarding property tax, a home or vehicle could be taxed, but will never be taken because the tax was not paid. State and Federal government would have to obtain the said tax via bank account, deduction from monthly fixed income, from payroll, from life insurance, from estate account, etc., but the state or any other government will never be able to take someone’s home or vehicle due to unpaid taxes. Also, state, and local governments will not be able to suspend a person’s drivers license due to late payment of vehicle tax as county treasure’s office will now be able to get the tax from the person’s bank account. Also the vehicle owner would not owe another fee to the DMV as the treasurer has the authority to get the tax from the person’s bank account with adequate notice. A person should be able to own their property free and clear without fear of these basic necessities being taken away. A home is one of the basic necessities of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A person needs a vehicle to drive to work in order to make a financial living.

I would abolish the death/estate tax. Can’t tax a dead person. That estate has been taxed enough during the decease’s lifetime. Enough is enough. I would cap all property tax at a rate of .001/market value annually nationwide. Decrease corporate tax nationwide to .02 percent provided each employer opting for the tax would hire 7-12 persons from this group (high school/ college graduating students, current unemployed workers, welfare recipients, non-violent former inmates, the homeless,those with guess worker cards); riskier former inmates will be placed in safer/more secured working environments, but tax rate would be the same .02 percent, and Employers not opting to hire from these groups will continue to be taxed as during the Trump administration. This corporate tax applies across the board from mom & pop businesses to conglomerates. All of the above would be mandated, and placed on fast track. After a home has been taxed for 100 years and over, only $100.00 annually would be required. This would be tax deductible. I will hold a 7-10 day conference to address tax reform, capital gains tax, tax loopholes, etc. in a manner that would be fair to all.






Regarding Budget & Economy: I would balance the budget, and pay off all debts within 3-3 1 /2 years if not sooner (at a rate of 1/3 of budget, and 1/3 of debt each year).  There will be no spending beyond what revenue we take in annually.  An Uncle Sam’s account, (a non-budget account), will be used to take care of fiscal emergencies much like that of an unexpected inheritance.  No pork barrel projects will be funded for 4 years.  Plans are to pay debt with gold, silver, and precious metal. Will no longer fund planned parenthood. No more funding of experimental and immoral embryonic stem cell research.   Umbilical cord blood stem cells will be used instead of embryonic stem cells. With passage of the $29 minimum wage subsidy, monies allotted to welfare can remain in the budget as welfare recipients matriculate into the workforce via the 2% corporate tax incentive (across the board nationwide.)  New jobs will open in the gold, silver, and precious metal mining to pay the national debt. Absolutely no more borrowing from other countries.  No more fiscal cliffs as we will be moving towards a stronger and healthier economy.   All laws that call for “timed and or automatic reduction” in budget items will be rendered null and void. This willy nilly, Russian roulette approach to managing the budget is foolish, and dangerous. Significant items such as defense may be harmed whereas items like planned parenthood, which should be scrapped, may benefit. This is an irresponsible way to manage the budget. This circumvents being responsible, and accountable. 




Regarding Immigration: I believe illegal immigration resulted from the NAFTA and CAFTA. No one can fault the people of Mexico for trying to better their financial situation. NAFTA and CAFTA are the under currents responsible for this illegal migration as well as for the millions of jobs lost in the U.S. and the farm jobs lost in Central America. The individuals who authored, and signed these devastating trade agreements are responsible for this illegal immigration. I’m sure many Mexicans did not perceive that they were doing anything illegal, they were just going to a land of opportunities.      This said, then those parties involved in creating and signing those trade agreements ought to apologize to the immigrants and to the citizens of the U.S. for bringing this situation, without preparation, upon the US. I would also ask the Mexican government to sell the upper most northern part of Mexico  (a parcel at least the size of Texas, to include Tijuana) to provide more living space to accommodate illegal immigrants and refugees, also anyone else who chooses to live on this parcel which would now be a U.S. owned territory.  Illegal immigrants can work and help build up this parcel for a period of 8 years as their pathway to citizenship while righting an illegal wrong.   The Southern portion of this parcel will house a military base which 1. Will serve to better secure the border. 2. Better control drug trafficking, and 3. Provide $29/hr. jobs for illegal immigrants and other men and women serving on the base.  This parcel can be built into a year round major corn producer for natural gas, a leading agricultural area, a major resort, a major amusement park area, a major hub for industries with 2% corporate tax, etc.   Many current day issues can be settled with purchasing this parcel.  The mining for gold, silver, and precious metals to pay off the national debt is another avenue to explore with this purchase. The U.S. will consider becoming the world’s largest exporter of natural gas made from corn.  Indeed the U.S. needs to consider becoming the world leader in many other export items. In addition to the above, in order to have a true comprehensive immigration bill, every member of congress, every member of the cabinet, every governor, every state legislative body, every mayor and town council with the people will submit a (3 page only) list of what they want included in the bill. They will have 6 months to get it back to the Oval Office, and within 6 months, a proposal will be on its way to Congress to be placed on fast track (2 months at the max). This should prevent the bickering, and the excuses for not moving forward with a comprehensive immigration law.  Those who do not submit their 3 page list within the allotted time will have to, ‘forever’ or ‘for many years to come’ hold their peace. They will have forfeited their rights to say anymore on the issue, as a deadline has to be drawn somewhere. In lieu of the millions who immigrated, I believe that for 70 years, the U.S. should not accept applications for immigration from Mexico. We must be fair to other nations who desire to immigrate as well. And we must be fair to those who legally filed for immigration. These immigrants should be ordered to register as workers within a 1-2 year period, and given green work cards. After an 8 year pathway to citizenship process, this registration will serve to complete the naturalization process as well. At the end of 8 years after registration, the applicant can chose to become a U.S. citizen, remain in worker status, or return to Mexico. A fee of $25 will be charged for each person desiring to become a U.S. citizen after the 8 year period is up. The same fee will be charged annually to maintain a worker status. No punishment will be imposed for coming to the U.S. Those trade agreements opened the door for this migration. Let’s be fair, and place the blame on those who signed the trade agreements.

We must address other root causes of mass illegal immigration , and individuals seeking asylum in America such as the devastation of South American countries because of the illicit drug use in the US. The drug use epidemic in America is partly to blame for the influx of individuals seeking safety from leaders, and players at all levels in the cocaine/meth, etc. drug culture/drug war, etc. The US will need to help these countries gain normalcy, order, and protection for their citizens. We must do whatever it takes to help citizens of South American Countries once again see that the grass is just as green if not greener in their own countries. A total overhaul of each South American country will be needed to achieve this, with safety, and protection having top priority before these countries can begin the process of rebuilding with the help of the US.




I would encourage all Americans, and especially those who lost their jobs during 2013-2015, to seriously consider voting out this ‘do nothing Congress’ in 2020 as all 435 seats in the House, and 34 seats in the Senate are up for reelection in November 2020. Since they are doing nothing but blocking unemployment, let us vote them out of their jobs so they can also join the unemployment line, but of course most, if not all of them are millionaires, so “what does it matter” if they are voted out; at least this country would have a chance to start afresh without stale, and stagnant undeserving members of the worst Congress in history. So America, let’s make history by voting out the above members of the old congress, and vote in fresh men and women who truly care about the plight of the people. In my first week in office, I would send a proposal to a hopefully NEW congress citing that unemployment insurance be a perpetual mandate (looking to distant future/future administrations), and to immediately refund all Americans who were unemployed from December 2013 to the present, and had applied for this benefit. I would reform the unemployment law because unemployed is unemployed (like pregnant is pregnant) irregardless to what circumstances surrounded or led to the unemployment. Too many employers are allowed to get by with forcing employees out under duress, and in such a way as to seem as if the employee is at fault with that employee having little recourse without having to go through another bout of useless steps that get no justice for that employee.

Hopefully unemployment will eventually be less than 100,000 annually at any given point in time. Will need this bill of law to protect employees should future administrations per policies seek to cause a rise in unemployment. Will need to make this mandate, a forever mandate.




America did not rise to the status of superpower by herself, but upon the belief in, worship of, and service to the Creator of all things, Almighty God alone. For many years now, America has drifted away from God seeking the rule of carnal men and women, seeking the ungodly pleasures of the world, etc., and has now found her very existence to be at stake. America’s moral foundation, and fabric have shifted, and is unraveling at a dangerous pace, and America must humble herself and pray, turn from her wicked ways, repent, and  seek God’s face, guidance, and protection. That said, the ideal candidate to be used of God to lead this nation is:

One who recognizes the need to undo the damage that Donald Trump has done in bashing our allies while boasting about Putin, and voicing his love for Kim Jong Un, and not supporting, but betraying our Kurdish allies in Syria. Our allies around the world must be reassured that they can count on the US in their time of need. America will never achieve another level of greatness under the dictatorship of Donald Trump who desires, and demands loyalty from others, but who himself is not loyal to allies are this country. Goal: To Establish An Even Stronger Relationship With Our Current Allies With Laws Designed To Prevent Future Presidents, Congress persons, etc. from endangering our relationships with our Good Faith allies.

One who recognizes that the world is not safe with the Iranian Nuclear deal, and will terminate this deal, and place the stiffest sanctions, etc. at our disposal, and present to the UN the need for international laws that will oust all dictators who use threat of nuclear attack to destroy other nations, to oust dictators who use deadly gases, etc. against their citizens, and who shows through words, rhetoric, propaganda and action their desire to annihilate other States, territories, and governments who they are at odds with, and bias towards with out legitimate cause. 

One who recognizes that North Korea, and Iran are flexing their muscle due to their perception that America has weakened as a Superpower in lieu of 2016 Candidate interviews, and debates. There has been talk of the poor condition of America’s Nuclear Triad, of Obama’s weakness as President, of Trump’s unfitness to be President, etc. These interviews, and debates have given our enemies info they should not have heard. In the future, any info about our Nuclear strategy or condition of our nuclear technology should never be divulged in the media, but should be classified info. Wisdom must be exercised in these matters. Who would announce to all the would be community thieves that the security alarm is in need of repair or the back door does not have a dead bolt. Our enemies have no need to know about our Nuclear strategy.

One who will keep their eye on the enemy. We have been crying wolf for many years. Now the Russians are finally coming within 300 miles of Alaska, and 20 miles of Japan. Was intelligence even remotely aware that this was going to happen? How did this happen? With all the infighting, the bickering, the disrespect of the role of the Obama Presidency (whether we agree or disagree with his actions), and the division in Congress, it is no wonder that every enemy within sounding distance is coming to stake their claim, and take aim. The Obama administration has left, and the Trump administration is on its way out, and the American people need to tell the Republican Congress to pack their bags, and follow suite. All Republican Congressmen/women has got to be voted out for not opposing Trump for using Putin in his first campaign, for undermining our democratic process, and for bashing our allies while boasting about, and meeting in secret with our enemies. A New Democratic Party that’s void of immorality, and extreme liberalism needs to be ushered in to protect, and preserve America’s existence.

One who recognizes the immediate threats that Pakistan poses as well with its nuclear armament coupled with the terrorist’s readiness, and willingness to get their hands on these weapons. One who will give Pakistan an ultimatum it won’t be able to dodge. The U.S. must be able to go in, and rid this country of terrorists. The risk of these terror groups getting their hands on nuclear weapons is too great. The highest level of sanctions, and total international trade embargoes must be imposed, as well as the highest level of economic sanctions. All countries who are anti-terrorist must be in alliance in this matter with the toughest measures available to cause Pakistan to deliver up these terrorists. Similar measures must be applied to all countries who harbor, and support terrorism.

One who recognizes that everything that Iran has to make a nuclear bomb must be taken away. The leadership of Iran is too trigger happy to annihilate countries they oppose. These individuals are not acting like men who have good judgement. Where is the wisdom that leaders should have?

One who believes Ukraine should not be given anymore weapons or money until the U.S. knows for sure who the actors are that are in government. Are they Russians, terrorist, etc. There was an article or news report that stated that terrorists had infiltrated Ukraine, and it is known that Muslims will kill each other, and blame it on groups they oppose in the area like how they did in Bosnia in order to get the U.S. and NATO to intercede in Bosnia. This could be a similar ploy, and we may be inadvertently arming terrorist.

One who recognizes that evil dictators of the world must be dealt with global resolve, and alliance by many nations with new international laws aimed at making the world safer from the threats, and actions of bad actors who are trigger happy with nuclear weapons. The UN needs leadership that holds this world view.

One who recognizes that the Kurds are our allies in the war against ISIS, and other terrorist groups, and Turkey’s leadership should be reminded of this, and told to leave the Kurds alone. The US must reexamine Her relationship with Turkey in this matter, and find out where Turkey truly stands in the war against terrorism, and communicate clearly to Turkey the options, the intentions, and the actions the US will be taking in this matter. The US or no other country will be looked upon as Great in the eyes of the World for deserting allies by withdrawing troops when the ally is in danger of military action by another country.

One who recognizes that when God performs miracles, he saves the best for last as was done when Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding feast. God is America’s only Hope, and this country must return to God on a Grand scale, and give their lives to the Lord who can intercede on behalf of America to God. Americans need Hope. Americans need a Savior, and they can find all they need in Jesus Christ the Son of The Living God. This candidate will rededicate the US to God, as God’s country and will ask God to Rule and Reign here as long as Earth exists.




35 years ago, in 1984, I noticed that the weather was unusually humid in South Carolina, much like that found in Florida. Ever since then, the weather has continued to have a humidity factor, but in 2018, and 2019, along with the humidity, we are also experiencing bouts of cool breeze which has a tendency to offset the humidity, and make it more comfortable, much like the frequent bouts of cool breeze, along with the hot summers I experienced as a child. Aside from this, I really have not noticed a big deviation in the weather, other than the fact that thunderstorms come on the heel of each other like a domino effect, whereas during childhood we would have one storm that went away, and it would be several days later before another storm would occur.

Over the years I have come to realize that man will create problems to profit from. The biggest ticket items that I have seen that has been attributed to climate change has been flooding, and wildfires. But the flooding has always been in relation to a compromised or breached dam or levee after rain or hurricane or after the floodgates were opened to supposedly lessen a dam in danger of being compromised, none of which can be contributed to a direct cause of some once in a blue moon natural climate change event. Even the wildfires that are not started by lightening are started by a campfire, or cigarette butt, or an arson. The last bouts of flooding via Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers [during the rainy season] that affected 25 states, and great parcels of farmland, during this presidential campaign made me wonder if it was possible that the Republicans’/Gerrymandering was behind it all. What better way to move voting maps, and demographics than to let the flooding give the opportunity to move whole communities of people where you want them. We know that cloud seeding can cause excess of rainfall especially during the rainy season. Just blame it on the rain, and no one will be wiser. Climate change did not open the floodgates, man did. So even though I believe that natural historical weather events do take place, and even now to some degree may be taking place, it is not to the degree that others would have you to believe. Cloud seeding would be extremely helpful during seasons of drought or to bring much needed rain to hot, and dry areas of the world like Africa, Australia, India, etc. Is it possible that man is using some type technology to melt glaciers in parts of the world that man wants to gain access to for profit? For now, I would take proactive/preventive measures to combat those weather related situations that have been attributed to Climate Change, and I have an unveiled plan to lessen the destruction from tornadoes, and hurricanes. Farmers who lost due to flooding, other natural disasters, and Trumps damaging foreign policy/trade disaster, will be fully compensated.




With the Plan to cut Corporate tax to 2%, and the Plan for $29/hr. minimum wages, [thereby opening up 80 million to 100 million newly created jobs the first year], there will be an even greater need to make the best and safest child care options available for working parents, guardians, etc. This will have to be a national effort with all hands on deck to have a comprehensive child care network that leaves no room for errors.

Our children are too precious to leave anything to chance. With the magnitude of this undertaking, all governments [federal, state, local] will be included; each community will need as many facilities as it will take; many employers will need to establish child care facilities as well; more churches will be called upon to establish child care centers, and individual family members, and individual community members will be called upon to be paid providers of care as well. Individual home care/Child Care providers will receive $231/week tax free for providing child care service for working parents, guardians, etc. Child safety, development, learning, and a loving atmosphere surrounded by mature, responsible, and professional care givers will be top priority.


Each public, and private facility will have no less than 2 medically trained [i.e. pediatric nurse, paramedic] individuals in the facility at all times. All facilities will have nursing assistants, and or home health aids providing physical care needs as well. Employees will be trained regarding child development, a child’s cognitive needs, and child safety. Each facility must be child safe, and child friendly. There will be zero tolerance of anything less. Adequate security personnel will be in, and about the facilities at all times. It will be mandated that no more than 3 children will be allotted to 1 employee/care giver in each facility. It will be mandated that in the home care child care setting, no more than 2 children will be allotted to 1 care giver. Facility, Home care givers, and parents will receive the same training regarding child development, cognitive needs, and child safety, and good hygiene with great focus on good hand washing techniques, and need to cover mouth when coughing or sneezing. They will all receive training in fire, and natural disaster protection, and to secure their facilities, and dwellings as much as possible.

As each individual parent with child matriculates into the workforce, at $29/hr., $100 of their payroll, every 2 weeks will go into the Child Care program, for those choosing this option [ a capped total of $200 per month]. To further pay for this nationwide Child Care Network, monies will be obtained from the following: [A] A fourth of monies allotted to Planned Parenthood annually, [B] A half of all monies saved by cutting items from the Budget in order to balance the Budget, [C] $500 million dollars from monies contributed to the tax deductible program established with monies from billionaires, and millionaires wanting to pay taxes, and [D] Congress will mandate a fund/account be set up in the Treasury Dept. allotting $200 billion annually to this program.



DSS has overreached it boundaries in the private areas of family matters to include God ordained areas. DSS has more than enough to do in the area of actual, and true Abuse. DSS is being used by mean spirited individuals who have personal issues with those they call upon DSS to investigate. Parents are fearful of disciplining their children because they fear DSS will take them away. Schools are calling DSS upon parents because certain officials retaliates against parents who question school officials’ handling of matters involving their children. When the parent moves the child from the school, then DSS is called upon the parent. DSS is being called upon parents for so called “truancy” issues. Whatever happened to parent teacher interviews/appointments to discuss issues concerning the child? This is unacceptable. This is designed to bully, to instill fear, and to terrorize parents, and this will be stopped completely by Ella Hall’s administration. There will be a complete overhaul of DSS to include changing the “DSS” logo. Fines in the millions, lawsuits by the thousands, and jail time for child abuse for traumatic removal of children from their parents and loved ones/child endangerment by all levels of management responsible. Children and their parents are being harmed by these evil and inhumane tactics, and actions, and my administration will put a complete stop to it. Too many actual, and true abuse cases have ended in the permanent damage or death of children while DSS chases after nonsense such as noted above. In the area of discipline, God has given every parent, regardless of religious affiliation, the right, and instructions to discipline their child. Every parent has had their Religious Right trampled upon, and taken away when someone or some entity interfered with their right to discipline God’s way.

 Child Protection Will Take Top Priority

Abortion [which kills the unborn, and the mother later via breast cancer] will be obsolete and Roe v. Wade no longer law. If this country can protect the bald eagle, and a Tom turkey at Thanksgiving, surely this country can protect the Right to Life, and Privacy in the womb of all unborn American citizens.

No more hot/cold car child related deaths. Perpetrators will be prosecuted and receive no insurance proceeds.

DSS Reform measures will remove all perpetrators from the child’s environment without traumatizing the child further with unfamiliar individuals.

No one, via foul play, who harms or kills a child will go unpunished.


For Active Military, Veterans, And Military Families

Whatever promises were made, and not kept, will be filled to overflow. Your needs will be adequately taken care of regarding suicides/PTSD/homelessness/no jobs, etc. You are actively serving or have served, and now it is your time to be served as well. Goal: To fulfill all your promises, needs, and what is due within 7-8 months after taking office if not sooner. I aim to exceed your expectations.

For Nurses And Teachers

Goal: Laws stating that no more than 4 patients during your shift, and these patients acuity levels must equal that of all other nurses. You will not receive a greater number of Isolation patients, you will not be receiving the first admission on a consistent basis. You will not start with 4 patients, lose 1, then pick up another patient. When you lose a patient, absolutely no more patients will be given to you during that shift [all facilities will be fined no less than $10 million dollars per occurrence, and the nurse assigning/giving orders to assign more patients will be suspended for 14 days without pay per occurrence] as this is an absolute zero tolerance of more than 4 patients]. If you lose 1, then you will be left with the other 3 for the remainder of the shift. If you lose 3 patients, then you will be left with the 1 patient until your shift ends; if you lose all 4 patients, you can go home or remain on duty helping per assisting others, but you will not be responsible to take care of anymore patients by yourself for the remainder of that shift. Goal: To prevent nurse burnout, to give better/safer care, to enjoy what you do. It will be law to report any violators, and the violators will be removed, not you. The person reporting the violation will be completely protected at all times. This law will be enforced to the maximum. Gone are the days of violators violating the law. Managers will have to call in other nurses as conditions dictate. Any retaliation whatsoever will result fines of $5 million dollars, and jail term for those retaliating in any manner no matter how subtle or blatant. Any CEO, Nurse Administrator allowing the retaliation to continue will be fined no less than $50,000 per occurrence, and removal from that facility by the Board. To prevent full fines, the offending person[s] must be removed from the facility within 3-4 days of the investigation/report by the employee advocates. Each day of the incident will result in loss of $1 million dollars to the facility. It is advised that that the facility place the offending party on leave without pay as soon as the situation is brought to leadership’s attention. Nip every situation in the bud at the outset to prevent further injury/damage. Zero tolerance of Discrimination will be in operation 24/7 365/366 per year. These laws will be enforced to the maximum.

CNAs will be given no more than 6 patients per shift in the same context as the nurses will receive no more than 4 per shift.

Teachers all across America will not have more than 8 students to teach, nurture, and be creative with learning modes and techniques [whatever it takes to get “all” students on the same level.] No child will be left to fall in the cracks for no reason. Every child must be reading/comprehending at or above their current grade level before school ends for the summer. Each school must hire no less than 4 reading, and 4 math tutors [per each grade] for students in grades K -8. Every child must earn/receive no less than 85 – 90, anything less will be a failure on the part of the teacher and the school system, not the child. All hands must be on deck, and whatever exercises/extra material needed to get all students to the 85-90 grade mark must/will, and shall be done. Absolutely No Exceptions not unless the child has a “True” Special Needs” situation documented by 3 medical professionals. Sometimes teachers have to exercise innovative techniques to bring out a child’s hidden ability. Some children are visual, and hands on, some may have dyslexia, etc. Go the extra mile to locate the problem, and don’t leave that child struggling, and despairing. Common Core will be banned from grades K through 9th grade. Common Core Concepts may be used in grades 10th through 12th on a 4 year trial basis to see what, if any harm comes from it. If harm to the students learning is detected, then Common Core will be banned forever in the school systems in the US. Absolutely no Common Core for grades K-9th. Absolutely no School officials nor teachers will be reporting anything directly to DSS concerning any child/student. Schools or teachers may report “abuse concerns only” to school nurses who will assess the child, and alert the proper medical authority to assess the child, and have the medical professions at the hospital speak with the parents to determine if the child has some underlying medical condition, or other incidents to explain what is being observed at the school level.

All teachers/nurses/CNAs across the board, who are not currently receiving $29/hr or more, will be receiving the minimum wage of $29/hr.


For Hunters And Fishermen


Several species are over populating in several areas of the US [exotic reptiles i.e. pythons, etc. in the Southeast; feral hogs in the Georgia, Texas, etc., snake head fish, deer [whitetail, et.al], bears, coyotes, wolves, sharks, large catfish, etc.]. There will be unlimited hunting per fishing in each state where these animals are a problem. The hunting season will begin September 1st, and go “to” the last 2 weeks in March. Does/Bucks/Fawns can be taken any time. Hunters and fishermen will get paid for all catches. This Open season on these animals will last my whole first 4 years in Office, and every 2 years after, there will be a nationwide open season to keep the population thinned out.