Meet Ella Hall

Candidate for President Of The U.S.

I’m a Servant to mankind. I care about what concerns you. For 34 years I served as an active professional in the healthcare setting. Look forward to serving you from a point of wisdom, common sense, and personal experience. I have a genuine Love, Care, and Concern for all humans regardless of race, creed, color. God made all of US, He Loves all of US, and died for all of US even while we were yet sinners.

America does not need a Politician, or any of the other actors, She has had, to lead this Country. Only a few, rose to the occasion in a national crisis. And many are directly or indirectly responsible for the crisis this Country is now faced with. Americas greatest need at this time is a “True Servant of God, and People.” Someone who truly cares about what concerns God, and others, and love to solve the problems of others in a “Win, Win” context. America needs a “True Servant of God, and People” who can give each citizen, a positive Hope that they can feel, a Hope that refreshes them, and gives renewed sense of calm, peace, unity, and security. A Hope that actually lifts burdens, and removes heavy weights that have been burdens for so long. It has been a long time coming, but rest assured, God is always on time. He has pulled the covers to show the Republican deceivers, and oppressors who were hiding themselves by falsely claiming to be moral, and conservative. What is conservative about Trillions of dollars in debt, a budget that hasn’t been balanced, and a debt ceiling that has no end? They are Wicked men and women who crept into our government unaware, hiding their evil, and sinister agendas behind the pretext of morality. They are liars, and Pretenders who desire to tear this Nation apart for their greed, and thirst for power. But God!!! God used the likes of Donald Trump to expose their “True Hearts.” What was done in darkness has come to the light.

God’s Servant, and Your Servant will make sure that your voices are heard, that your needs are met, and that you live and dwell as a satisfied citizen. It is only when the Wicked rule, that the People mourn. And now, Mourning time is over. It’s time to Vote these Liars, Oppressors, and Fakes out of office. They have shown that they are not for You, but against you. They are not for this Country, but against her. They don’t deserve your valuable time or your vote any longer. You owe them nothing. They don’t respect you or your vote, they only got your vote to further their behind the scenes agendas. It was never about you. They defrauded Democracy all along the way. And to make matters even worse, they got Russia, our foreign adversary to circumvent Democracy to put Donald Trump in office. Many who voted for that lying, and deceiving Donald Trump [a.k.a. Satan Jr.] are deeply regretting it now. Stop blaming yourselves, you were deceived at a vulnerable time in history. Stop kicking yourself, and just vote these, ” do nothing for America or her People” Republican Frauds out of office.

I believe many are not fully aware of the peril Donald Trump, and the Republicans have placed, and allowed our Country, and Her People to be in. If I am so fortunate to become President, I will have Congress establish the following Fund in support of the survival, and unity of our nation: America’s Unity and Survival/Stimulus Fund in the amount of $25,000 to each household that did not vote Republican in the 2020 Federal, State, and local elections. We need to stop rewarding bad actors, and their bad behavior, and focus on salvaging our Country from those Republicans who have shown by their words, and deeds that they are not for America. I will also look into whether “fines” can be brought against those who do vote Republican in any of the 2020 elections. Voting Republican means that you are against the US along with those Republicans. Our Country is in a crisis, and we need all hands on deck to keep Her afloat. Forget Party, Forget Trump, and keep the Focus on God, and Country. The following options are available to all: 1. Vote For Ella Hall, 2. Vote For Other Democrats of Your Choosing, 3. Vote Independent, 4. Stay Home, and 5. Since Donald Trump told his base to “Pretend” that he was on the ballot during Mid-terms, Now I am calling on his base to “Pretend” in November 2020, that Donald Trump, and the rest of the Republicans “are Not” On The Ballot, and just don’t bother to go to the voting center.

Hi, this is Ella Hall, a True Servant of God, and People, a retired Registered Nurse, and Candidate to become the next President of the U.S. Hailing from the South, but not a Southern Belle, I have been taking care of the needs of others since [1961]. From the tender age of 4 1/2 to the present, I have served with joy, and struggles, the needs of many. Until age 19, my daily family role/chore centered around caring for my younger siblings. From 1975 -1979, I started, and completed a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Hampton Institute/University, in Hampton, Virginia. I received a National Healthcare Service Corps Scholarship my last year at Hampton, and graduated with honors in the Nursing Honor Society, and left Hampton with a 3.4 GPA. For 34 years, from 1979 until 2013, I actively served the citizens of this Country as a Registered Nurse [ God ordained me to this profession before I started First grade]. In elementary school I was named Queen of Cancer for raising the most money for cancer research.

Mother’s Day 1968, at the age of eleven and a half, I received Divine instructions to count my younger siblings as I lead them safely from our burning home.

In 1970, I started High School the first year schools were integrated in S.C. In high school, I won first place trophy in an essay competition with college students; I was named most likely to succeed, and graduated 3rd in a class of 103-105 students.

I’ve worked on two Indian Reservations, in large hospitals [DC 1978 summer internship], and SC. I’ve worked in medium size hospitals, nursing homes, Department of Corrections’ clinic, Department of Mental Health hospital, Adult Day Care center, and worked for several nursing travel agencies, and never, in 34 years, had a manager voice a complaint from patient or family. In fact, I’ve had patients say, “Now I know why I had to come into the hospital”; “You are the best nurse up here” [after receiving care for 3-4 hours]; patients have asked me “Are you a Christian?, and after answering in the affirmative, one person exclaimed to their relative, “Mama, didn’t I tell you she was a Christian.” I have worked in the roles of Nurse Supervisor, Head Nurse, Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse, and Travel Nurse.

I love serving others as unto the Lord, so you know you’ll get good service from this Servant. I serve to please my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m sold out to Him, and no other. I go over, and above the call of duty in whatever I do. All to His Glory and Honor.

In 2001, I was dubbed “The busiest non-lawyer in the state of South Carolina” by a Circuit Court Judge after I filed malpractice lawsuits against 3 attorneys and presented my arguments as to why my case should proceed to trial. I was granted permission to proceed to trial against one of the lawyers. The 3 day jury trial ended in favor of that attorney. A second attorney was reprimanded by the disciplinary council; I don’t recall any type action or disposition regarding the 3rd lawyer. I had to litigate my case because after asking 40+ attorneys to help me, all stated they could not help for one reason or another.

I am not a Democrat in the context of how others view Democrats [i.e. partisan, liberal, or progressive], I am not any of the above. In fact, I am the only Pro-life individual desiring to run for President under the Democrat banner. I am also the only person desiring to run under the Democrat banner who knows that homosexuals, and lesbians “were not born” that way. They were born just like everyone else, but something happened along the way which catapulted them in the gay, and lesbian lifestyle. These individuals, just like everyone else, don’t even remember the day they were born. There is no way they can say they were born this way, when they have no remembrance of having been born on a specific day, at a specific time. The doctors, the midwives, the parents have no way of knowing the sexual life style of the newborn. There is nothing about any newborn on the day of birth or for years to come that indicates the child’s destined sexual orientation, and that is because there is no gay and lesbian orientation at birth, this isn’t just a myth, it is an outright lie. The Gay & Lesbian movement has been predicated on a lie, and does not meet the bar standard of a “discrimination” issue, like someone born African American, born female, or male, born Native American, born to be extremely tall or short as dictated by DNA, and genetics, born with Downs Syndrome or a special need, etc. Their Sexual orientation, which may have started out as as a forced matter, later became a choice matter in that they desire the sexual gratification , and now prefer to continue in that sexual orientation/lifestyle.

I am a citizen of this country who cares deeply about the destructive, and divisive forces and agendas of wicked men and women, that are placing Our Country in jeopardy. I am whatever it takes to solve the problems that these Pretenders have created. I love to problem solve in a “Win, Win” context that actually get at the root/bottom of the problem in order to completely eradicate the problem or make it of no effect. I also like working from a proactive/preventive angle. I’ve chosen to run under the Democratic banner because there is no way I can call myself a Christian, a Follower or Disciple of Jesus Christ, and see the complacent, inhumane, oppressive, and treasonous posture of the Republican Party, and be a part of this overt, and blatant evil. At least the Democrats, with their flaws, aren’t deceiving the People about being Moral. The Democrats have been consistent in their fight for the underdog, the voiceless, the poor, the down trodden, the least of these. They went out on a limb, jeopardizing votes to protect a group of individuals who they believed met the criteria of a “discriminated group.” What they failed to do, was get the Truth about the psychology of homosexuality, and lesbianism. The gay and lesbian movement was predicated on the lie that these individuals “were born this way”, and nothing could be further from the Truth. Civil Rights laws were already in place to protect all human beings in general. Gays and Lesbians know their abominable lifestyle made them uncomfortable, and ashamed, and they wanted validation to continue in their lifestyle so that they could be comfortable in society, and move out of the closet. Many have chosen to leave the Gay and Lesbian lifestyle, and I am thankful that they did.

I have always been against Abortion [in any form, at any stage], and always will be. My biological mother told me one day that she “should have killed” me “when she had the chance.” My biological mother would not have had any Right to give someone permission “to take my life, my life” while in the womb. It was not her life, it was “my life.” I was not a mass of tissue growing in her womb; I was the total sum of the human being writing this document today. I was just in my earliest developmental form, and stage. I was 100% as human in the womb, as I am today. No one has a Right to kill a child that is going through their developmental stages inside the womb. All humans go through the same stages of development while in that private, and sacred place. Abortion is discrimination, it is genocide, it is murder, it is clear violation of a person’s inalienable, and Constitutional Right to life. It is a violation of that persons Civil Rights. I have a plan to make abortion obsolete until we can overthrow Roe v. Wade once and for all. My plans are to have Roe v. Wade Abolished for good during the first 1 -2 years in office, if not sooner. For the first 4 years, I want Congress to Fast Track all my proposals. We are so far behind because of that Do Nothing Congress.